Welcome to myMusic

Helps you keep track of your digital music and makes it portable so you can listen to it were ever you are!

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When you buy the packaged version you are able to spread the word about myMusic and get your money back. Tell friend, and if he/she buys myMusic you get 5€ back! All you have to do is to tell your friend to state your email address in the paypal "Shipping Address" field. You must have a paypal account to get refunds. You can tell how many friends you want!

myMusic for your digital music collection

myMusic helps you keep your digital music in order and makes it portable so that you can listen to it were ever you are! If your music collection is big myMusic's seekfunction will help you find any album or a song. Create playlists with your favorite songs or let myMusic create randomized playlists. myMusic also includes your very own radio channel!

Read more in the manual.

Figure 1. Sample infrastructure around myMusic and your digital music collection

Versions and contributions

myMusic comes in two flavors, a packaged version, which you buy for a small fee, and a sourcecode version that is free of charge. The packaged version is prebuilt and includes a installationprogram so you are up and running in no time. The contributions that we get from the packaged version helps us in our work that will lead to future versions of myMusic. The smallest contribution is 15€, but you may of cource make as many contributions as you like. Contributions will realy help us in our effort and is very welcome! The sourcecode version is free and with this version you can build our own version of myMusic. It's also allowed to modify and redistribute your version that is build with myMusic as a base if you licens it under GPL. Read more here. Good ideas can also be included in future versions of myMusic, mail your feedback and ideas to toni@tonjac.org.


Support future development of myMusic and buy the packaged version now!

Cost 15€. Payment is secure and handled by paypal.

The packaged version is prebuild and you get a installation- and configuration- program so you're up and running in no time. This version also include a many different skins. Runs on windows 2000/XP or later.

Use user demo and password demo.

Take a peek in the manual


Download and build your own version of myMusic. The sourcecode version is free of charge and licensed under GPL!

The sourcecode version does not include a installation- and configuration- program and only include a very simple skin.

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