Helps you keep track of your digital music and makes it portable so you can listen to it were ever you are!

Date Version Comment
2007-??-?? 3.0.0 IDEAS/PLANS for a 3-release:
- Optimized GUI for mobilephones and other handhelds with small screens, see sample handheld and browser screen dump.
- Share music between myMusic users around the world
- Replace mp3_webserver (striped Mini) for the full Mini Application Server.
- Port CGI exe scripts to Mini's "fast-CGI" in DLL:s

Anything else? Drop a line to: toni@tonjac.org
2007-02-01 2.1.0 - Separate playlists per user
- Separate radio channels per user
- Tracknumber in songlists for albums and playlists in tracknumber order
- Recordlistings from ID3-tag instead of filename if tag is available
- New skins: "birds", "earth" and "mars"
- Bugfix: Source service sometime crached when restarted. Failed to save current playlist
- Bugfix: Errorhandling for playlists
- Bugfix: More specialchars in filenames that didn't work
- Bugfix: Failed to read ID3-tags that wasn't encoded in ISO8859_1
- Bugfix: Playlist format error (more than one starttag)
- Bugfix: Playlist with "null" or "notfound" titles
- Bugfix: Install failed for the Source-service after a uninstall
2006-12-28 2.0.2 - Bugfix: Specialchars in filenames didn't work
2006-11-01 2.0.1 - Bugfix: Installationprogram failed to install all services
2005-06-01 2.0.0 - Streaming server and source that creates your own radio channel.
- Webserver for installation on a system without a standard webserver.
- Installation and configuration programs.
- Skin and language support.
2004-06-01 1.0.0 - Initial version (Only a CGI-script with static playlists)

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